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When we added our family space onto the back of our all-brick farm home, we understood we needed to keep a partial packet wall structure subjected as the background to our wooden burning range, but we experienced a big issue: the stone itself,pillow case minnie mouse,queen size pillow case for sale,pillowcase project pattern,pillowcase sewing,quick pillowcase pattern

When we added our family space onto the back of our all-brick farm home, we understood we needed to keep a partial packet wall structure subjected as the background to our wooden burning range, but we experienced a big issue: the stone itself. It was aged, dim, and red-not at all the color I desired in my family members space. Designer Pillow Covers

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pillowcase project pattern,We decided we would paint the brick, but my husband wasn't sold. Wouldn't painted brick look. . .well, painted? Then, I discovered a faux brick painting technique that could turn my dingy, ugly red brick wall into a beautiful, light, and variegated masterpiece.

I was skeptical. Painted brick that looks like brick? Wouldn't I need a professional for that? queen size pillow case for sale.

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As it turns out, no! Painting the brick was actually easy and relatively inexpensive-just 3 quarts of good, quality paint and a few painting supplies.

Quick pillowcase pattern,This may be the hardest part. Just kidding. It's really not rocket science. I chose a medium beige or gray for the base coat and the grout color, a light beige or cream for the for the contrast color, and a light cream final coat or highlighter.

pillow case minnie mouse,If you are nervous about choosing color combinations yourself, you can't go wrong with a color-combination card from your local home improvement store.

Pure Blue Simple Pillow CasePure Blue Simple Pillow Case pillowcase sewing.

My first step was cleaning the brick well. Using a stiff-bristled brush, I brushed the debris and dirt off the wall, working from top to bottom. Had there been grime or grease on the wall, I would have followed up with a cleaning solution, a good rinse, and then allowed the wall to dry completely. In fact, when I helped my mom clean her brick fireplace, we used this Fireplace cleaner. It did a good job getting the creosote off the bricks.

I finished by sweeping the floor below the section of wall I was painting.

A word of caution: painting brick is messy, paint-tossing business. I had the luxury of working in an unfinished room, but you will probably be painting in a finished space, which of course will need protection from paint splatters and over brushing. Don't forget to protect the walls and floor around your brick! You could buy special plastic sheets, but it might be cheaper to run out to Goodwill and buy a cheap bed sheet. You're welcome.

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